Fashion Collaboration (April 2018)


I love a fashion collaboration, especially when I get to work with super talented and amazing people and seeing ideas come to life. This was my second underwater shoot with the amazing Andrea Claire @aclairebeauty who worked her magic skills and products to create stunning looks that hold up underwater… no mean feat!

The model we had lined up from Mannequin had to pull out last minute so luckily my model friend Anna Kirsten was able to step in. It was her first time modelling underwater but after a little practice she really warmed up to it. Posing underwater with open eyes, while holding your breath and looking natural is not easy for most people but with a few techniques it can quickly become easier and everyone always ends up having fun doing it!

Behind the Scenes: outfit prep, makeup, location and shooting.
This fabulous location at a private black & white house provided by Caboodle events. I initially went to the house for a 40th party but had my eye on the pool as it has a smooth surface (as opposed to tiles which can be distracting), clean and a bit deeper than your average condo pool, which have a legal limit of 1.2m in Singapore! I’m slightly pool obsessed these days ; )


Here is a fun behind the scenes video shot by Andrea Claire.

I love to play around with clothing, accessories, fabrics, props and backdrops in a shoot and this gave me the opportunity to have a play. Some awesome brands also kindly donated product to use as well. The stunning gold jewellery is by Angelina Alvarez, which worked perfectly for a bronzed goddess look. I came across this incredible bolero piece by My Fine Things at the Singapore Boutiques Fair, which is hand made from recycled can tabs and its appearance of fish scales made it a perfect addition to the shoot.

The lovely Kara at The Wyld Shop also kindly donated a swimsuit and kaftan to be used which came up really nicely. Wearing clothes in the pool certainly adds an extra level of difficulty as the fabric moves in an unpredictable way and can weigh the model down but after many tries it is worth the effort.

I had a few other ideas in mind such as a Studio 54 look (hence the disco ball) and also a Marilyn Monroe iconic white dress shot. The disco ball didn’t quite go to plan as it was too buoyant and actually sprung up into my face… ouch! Anyway, we still got some fun and fabulous shots.


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