Henry and Family


I love an underwater family photo shoot and especially with a little one this cute! There is always a bit of apprehension and uncertainty about how the shoots going to go as there are so many variables eg what the conditions of the pool are like, how comfortable the child is going underwater and how they react to my big scary camera! Not to mention how the parents are underwater, as sometimes they can be the ones to struggle while the child is a natural.

Not in this case though. This family was a joy to shoot and although Henry (14 months) was a bit apprehensive on my camera, he was a little superstar underwater and I loved how the family interacted together. We got some many great shots in our 45 minute session and it didn’t matter that it was grey and drizzly outside (at least in Singapore it’s never that cold!)

I usually get them warmed up with some over under shots so their head is above water. Some of these can turn out to be the best ones. It also helps when father and son are wearing super cute matching board shorts…


Then we work on getting the family shot, which usually takes a few times of 1, 2, 3 and down for 2 seconds with a break in between. Then we do some different combinations of father and child, mother and child etc.

Then we try some more challenging shots such as passing between each other (a bit like a rugby ball 😉 and coming in for a kiss.

A few more over water shots and then it’s a wrap and I get rewarded with this big smile at the end!

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