Ana and family maternity


It’s so nice when the whole family gets involved in an underwater maternity shoot. I loved that father and son came dressed in their matching whites which looks really cool underwater and Mama was rocking a black bikini and we did some glamour shots in gold heels too.

This is one of my favourite pools to shoot in, which I happened to discover at a private party at the house and the kind owner was happy for me to use it from time to time for shoots. The smooth, white fibreglass surface lends itself very well to an underwater studio.

Poor Ana was struggling a bit during the shoot as she’d had some sinus issues, which is particularly common towards the end of pregnancy and was find it hard to put her head underwater. In this case I concentrate more on over/under shots (split between above and below the surface) or just her head above water, showcasing the beautiful bump as seen below.

After a while it got easier and we got some beautiful shots to celebrate the impending arrival of their baby girl.


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