Vanessa40th_13012018Sat_MG_0210.jpgI’m Vanessa (Ness) and originally from Australia. Since leaving Sydney in 2004 and living in Stockholm, London and now Singapore, it has been a challenge to maintain a career, but it’s also given me great opportunity to try different things. I have always had a love of the ocean and at school I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, but I kind of sucked at Science and was more creative, so I became a Graphic Designer.

My passion for photography was always there as a hobby but led into a freelance work while in Singapore. After 9+ years of specialising in mainly family portraits, whilst having 3 kids of my own, I was looking for a niche. I came across another underwater photographers work on Instagram and it was a light bulb moment – that is what I should be doing! It made perfect sense as it combines my passions for photography, particularly people and my love of the water as well as doing something a bit different that many people haven’t seen before. It is challenging and unpredictable and I love it!

I had been taking underwater photos with compact cameras since I started scuba diving over 20 years ago. Im fascinated by the underwater world and find it quite meditative. I became a PADI qualified underwater photographer about 10 years ago. Now the technology has improved and I’ve invested in the best Ikelite housing and equipment for my Canon 5D Mark iii. For work i’m mostly shooting in swimming pools and Singapore is the perfect environment as most people have (or have access to) a swimming pool and we are blessed with year round warm weather. I still love to dive when I get the rare opportunity these days and the work featured here is a mixture of business and pleasure.

Dive in and enjoy!

Ness x